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Federal Officials Conduct 100 Interviews Pertaining to Biden Classified Materials Case

The interviews discovered "instances of carlessness" from Biden's vice presidency.

DeSantis to Oppose COVID Vaccine Funding if Elected President

Republican presidential candidate Governor Ron DeSantis (FL) said he would oppose more funding for COVID-19 vaccines if elected president.

Chicago Allocates $29M for Migrant Base Camps

The city of Chicago has finalized a contract exceeding $29 million with private security company Garda World to establish and oversee base camps aimed at sheltering migrants.

Google Maps Faces Lawsuit After Leading Man to His Death by Directing Him to Drive Off a Bridge

Google is facing a huge lawsuit from the family of Philip Paxson who said that the tech company’s Google Maps directions led to the man’s death when he drove off a collapsed bridge.

Hunter Biden Files Lawsuit Against Former Trump White House Aide Over Laptop Content

Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler for his alleged involvement in spreading content pertaining to Biden's infamous laptop.

California Lawmakers Approve Gun and Ammunition Tax To Pay For ‘School Safety Improvements’

California lawmakers voted Thursday to raise taxes on gun and ammunition to use the funds to pay for gun violence prevention programs and school safety improvements.

Louisiana Wildfire Declared To Be Intentionally Set

Louisiana officials announced that the state's wildfire was deliberately set, although authorities have not released details of the Tiger Island Fire's origin.

GOP Official Backtracks on Removing Trump From Ballot

New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan (R) backtracked on his inquiry to remove Trump from the 2024 ballot after widespread criticism.

Illinois Woman Arrested for Threatening to Kill Donald Trump and His Youngest Son Barron

A woman in Illinois has been arrested after allegedly making serious threats against former President Donald Trump and his youngest son Barron.

Utah Man Who Made Threats Against President Biden Killed in FBI Raid

Sources confirm that the raid was linked to a significant investigation into threats directed at President Joe Biden and various other officials.

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