Republicans Fail to Gain Independent Voters

An Associated Press VoteCast poll alongside research organization NORC at the University of Chicago revealed that Republicans are not gaining Independent voters despite Democratic support also weakening.

57% Of Americans Believe ‘Christmas Should Be More About Jesus’

A Rasmussen Reports poll revealed 57% of Americans believe Christmas should emphasize Jesus rather than Santa.

‘Body Positivity’ Activist Dead at 37 from ‘Heart Complications’

Jamie Lopez, the founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture, a Las Vegas salon for plus-size women and a model for the "body positivity" movement, passed away last weekend at the age of 37 due to heart complications, TMZ reports.

Visualize How Much U.S. Taxpayer Money Is Flooding Into Ukraine—Each Dot Represents $100,000 (Video)

Each dot represents $100,000 in U.S. taxpayer dollars, according to a visualization created by Columbia and Duke graduate Will Geary, a data scientist and assistant professor at The Pratt Institute in New York. "U.S. aid to Ukraine totals $68 billion, and in November the White House asked Congress for another $38 billion," Geary Tweeted. "This would bring the total amount appropriated for Ukraine to over $100 billion."

Four in 10 People Believe Climate Change Mainly Due to Natural Causes

Worldwide IPSOS survey covering two-thirds of the world’s population, nearly four people in every 10 believe climate change is mainly due to natural causes.

Arizona Governor Creates Shipping Container Border Wall

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has had hundreds of double-stacked shipping containers topped with razor wire placed on the state’s border with Mexico in a final effort to secure the boundary before he leaves office.

100 Times Election Denier Hakeem Jeffries Declared Election Results Were Fake, Artificial, Illegitimate

Election denier Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) attacked democracy at least 100 times by questioning the integrity of American elections, according to Republican National Committee’s research exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.

Over 700 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended by Border Patrol

Texas' Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents encountered a group of over 700 illegal immigrants, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced on Thursday.

Near Majority of Republicans Want Less Foreign Aid as Congress Poised to Grant Ukraine $37 Billion

A near majority of Republican voters want to decrease foreign aid as Congress is poised to grant as much as $37 billion in aid to Ukraine.

Christianity Dwindles to Minority Religion in England, Wales for First Time on Record: ‘Not a Great Surprise’

The number of Christians in England and Wales has dipped below half of the population for the first time in census history, according to government statistics released Tuesday.

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