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Kanye West Asked Trump to Be His 2024 Running Mate

Kanye West revealed on Thursday that he had asked former President Donald Trump to be his running mate for a 2024 presidential campaign.

Florida Could Change Law Requiring Candidates to Resign from Office While Running for Another Position

The potential change comes as DeSantis is expected by some to announce his run for president.

DeSantis Says Republicans Need to ‘Chill Out a Little Bit’ On 2024 Campaign Talk

Florida governor was referring to who will be running for president in 2024.

Anti-Trump Republican Donors Tied to Chinese Communist Party

The billionaires are coming out against Trump's 2024 run.

Fox News Interrupts Live Coverage of Trump’s 2024 Announcement Speech in Apparent Snub

The network promised to return to Trump's speech when "news warrants" it.

Republicans Backing Trump’s 2024 Campaign

Elise Stefanik (R-NY) said she is "proud to endorse Donald Trump," with Arizona's Kari Lake saying Trump has her "complete and total endorsement."

Murdoch-Controlled Media Conspires for Next President

Rupert Murdoch-controlled media outlets such as the New York Post, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, and others are actively fighting against Trump and his potential 2024 run.

Trump to Make ‘Very Big Announcement’ Nov 15

Former President Donald Trump said he would make a "major" announcement at a rally in Dayton, Ohio Monday night.

Trump Insiders Say He’s Preparing to Launch 2024 Campaign

The campaign could launch as soon as next month. QUICK FACTS: Sources close to former President Donald Trump said he is preparing to launch a 2024...

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