‘Vulnerable’ Senate Dems Propose Cutting Gas Tax

Here’s an actual headline good for some laughs: “Vulnerable Senate Dems try to run as tax-cutters.” That howler of a header appeared this week in Politico.  

The True Story of 1619 and America’s Origins

In fall 2019, The New York Times released a special edition of its magazine, highlighting what it claimed was the 400th anniversary of the first African slaves arriving in the territory that would later become the United States of America.

N.Y. City’s Facial Recognition Surveillance System Targets Minorities: Forbes

Racial minorities are "more at risk" of being spied on by New York City’s massive facial recognition surveillance machine.

CDC Data Signaling Vaccine Catastrophe

It took only 32 deaths to halt 1976 shot campaign

Biden Admin. Loses Thousands of Unaccompanied Minors Entering U.S. Illegally in 2021

DeSantis says Florida doesn’t support the administration’s “largest human smuggling operation in American history”

Comedian Collapses While Telling Audience How Many COVID Shots She’s Received

Comedian Heather McDonald collapsed shortly after bragging about how many shots she'd received.

Canadian Cities See Anti-Vax Mandate Protests Spread

Canadian cities, including the financial hub Toronto, faced protests on Saturday against vaccine mandates which spread from the capital of Ottawa.

Senate Report Reveals Biden Failures That Led to ‘Botched’ Afghanistan Withdrawal

The Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was defined by inept planning and poor decision making, causing significant and numerous failures throughout the process, according to a Senate report released Thursday.

Texas Heartbeat Law Has Cut Abortions in Half, Saved 15,000 Babies

Exceptions only for medical emergencies.

Australian School Makes Headlines for Standing by Biblical Definition of Sexuality

Citipointe Christian College in Brisbane, Australia receiving backlash for asking students to sign an abstonance contract.

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