European Countries Tighten Borders Amid Immigration Crisis

Finland, Norway, and Estonia are looking to tighten their borders with Russia due to an immigration crisis.

Jordan Blocked for 3rd Time in House Speakership Bid, Dropped from GOP Consideration

"We are willing to accept censure, sanction, suspension, removal from the Republican conference," Rep. Gaetz said. "If what these holdouts need is a pound of our flesh, we're willing to give it to them in order to see them elect Jim Jordan for Speaker."

Jim Jordan Nominated for House Speaker

The House Republican conference has nominated U.S. Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) for the Speaker's gavel, marking a significant turn in the ideological trajectory of the party.

NYPD to Deploy Drones Over Private Backyard Gatherings: Privacy Advocates Raise Alarms

The decision comes in the wake of mounting complaints about such gatherings.

Majority of ‘Mass Shootings’ Do Not Conform to Mainstream News Reports

Only 3% of "mass shootings" fit the "active shooter" narrative.

Planned Parenthood Executives Some of the Highest Paid in Nonprofits

A report from the Catholic grassroots pro-life organization, American Life League’s STOPP International, described that some of the highest-paid nonprofit executives work for Planned Parenthood.

Study Reveals COVID-19 Lockdowns, Mandates Did Not Affect Number of Deaths

The study suggested mandates may have prevented infection, but not death.

FBI Underreports Good Guys with Guns Stopping Active Shootings by 30%

FBI "should be embarrassed," says Crime Prevention Research Center founder.

Marriage Survey: Couples Say Tolerance and Communication Are Key to a Good Marriage

Speed dating and matchmaking company HK Romance Dating (HKRD) released a survey on Valentine’s Day revealing the marital state of married Hongkoners.

Conservatives Can Address the Election Disparity (And Maybe Even Start Winning)

In the aftermath of an underwhelming performance by Republicans in the 2022 election, demands have echoed across the internet for conservative leaders to develop a ballot-harvesting and voter-mobilization infrastructure comparable to the Left’s.

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