Pro-Palestinian Protesters Congregate Outside GWU President’s Home

Pro-Palestinian protesters gathered outside of George Washington University (GWU) President Ellen Granberg’s home on Tuesday evening.

“We the students have the power,” “Granberg in your ivory tower,” and, “Granberg, Granberg, we know you, are complicit in genocide too,” the protesters could be heard yelling.

The incident occurred after Granberg claimed that the “issues at the heart of this protest are important and deserve our full attention and consideration” after protesters set up encampments on campus.

“However, what is currently happening at GW is not a peaceful protest protected by the First Amendment or our university’s policies,” Granberg added. “The demonstration, like many around the country, has grown into what can only be classified as an illegal and potentially dangerous occupation of GW property.”

Earlier last week, the statue of George Washington at George Washington University has been covered in Palestinian flags.

A Palestinian keffiyeh also covers the statue’s face.

A sign displayed against the statue’s back reads, “Community Guidelines: No Zionism.”

“Do Not Lose Sight of Gaza,” it adds in large lettering.