Pro-Israel Conference Canceled Following Threats from Antifa and Pro-Hamas Groups

A Pro-Israel conference scheduled in Nashville has been canceled by the convention center after the hotel received threats from pro-Hamas and Antifa activists.

The conference, set to be held in Nashville May 20-22 was canceled on Sunday, from the guidance of Nashville police due to the threats.

Attorneys representing pro-Israel Christian group HaYovel said Monday that the hotel near the Nashville International Airport canceling the meeting was in violation of federal and Tennessee civil rights laws.

First Liberty Institute, a nonprofit law firm in Plano, Texas, told Sonesta Nashville Airport hotel general manager Troy Carver in a letter that there would be legal action if the hotel doesn’t reverse course.

“The baselessness of your invocation of force majeure to breach the Contract bears the unmistakable and distinctly unpleasant odor of religious discrimination,” Hiram Sasser, the group’s executive general counsel, wrote. “Whether your cancellation of the Summit was carried out due to your own hostility toward HaYovel’s beliefs or serve[d] as a heckler’s veto for others, the result is the same. You have denied HaYovel a public accommodation due to its religious beliefs.”

Speakers for the conference included former congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Israeli journalist Caroline Glick and Ohad Tal, a member of Israel’s Knesset.