Pope Critic Excommunicated

Pope Francis critic, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, has been excommunicated.

Viganò was found to be guilty of “schism,” according to a statement from the Vatican.

The statement says that Viganò’s “public statements manifesting his refusal to recognize and submit to the Supreme Pontiff, his rejection of communion with the members of the Church subject to him, and of the legitimacy and magisterial authority of the Second Vatican Council are well known.”

“At the conclusion of the penal process, the Most Reverend Carlo Maria Viganò was found guilty of the reserved delict of schism.”

In response to the conviction, Viganò wrote on X, in part, “What was attributed to me as guilt for my conviction is now put on the record, confirming the Catholic Faith that I fully profess..”

“I say to my brother Bishops: “If you are silent, the stones will cry out” (Lk 19:40),” he added.

Viganò has been outspoken against the World Economic Forum (WEF), transgenderism, abortion, and COVID-19 vaccines.

After President Joe Biden declared Easter to be “Transgender Day of Visibility,” Viganò issued a statement that called the proclamation “a most serious offense to God and to millions of Catholics and Christians in America and around the world, before which it is impossible not to react with due firmness.”

Archbishop Viganò urged Americans and government leaders to “recognize the total unworthiness of Joe Biden to hold an institutional position, which it is well known that he used fraudulent and manipulative action to achieve in the 2020 Presidential Election.”