Palestinians Offered Temporary Visas if Family Resides in Canada

The left-wing Canadian government announced a plan to provide three-year visas to Palestinians with family members living in Canada.

Visas will be granted to those whose spouses, common-law partners, children, grandchildren, parents, and siblings reside in Canada.

“We understand many Canadians are concerned about the safety of their loved ones in Gaza,” a government statement reads. “That is why we are introducing special measures to support temporary residence for extended family members in Gaza who are related to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. We will also prioritize the processing of all existing and new permanent residence applications for Palestinians within family-based streams.”

“Today I am announcing new temporary immigration measures to support family members of Canadians and permanent residents from Gaza as well as Israelis and Palestinians already in Canada,” said Marc Miller, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship.

“We understand that many are concerned about the safety of loved ones currently residing in Gaza,” he added. “We’ll be supporting temporary residence for extended family members of Canadian citizens and permanent residents in Gaza so they can come to Canada and be reunited with their family members residing here.”

A petition for a similar visa project was launched in the U.K.

“We want the government to take action and create a Visa scheme that allows Palestinian individuals affected by war, to be allowed into the UK. Just like we did for Ukraine,” the petition’s description reads.

“By implementing this visa, the government can demonstrate its commitment to compassion, inclusivity, and supporting those who have endured the hardships of war. Together, let’s urge the government to enact policies that provide a lifeline for Palestinians seeking safety and a chance to rebuild their lives safely.”

Parliament responded to the petition, saying, “There are no plans to introduce bespoke arrangements for people arriving from the region. Those wishing to come to the UK who currently have no visa can apply under one of the existing visa routes.”