Newly Surfaced Jan 6 Video Shows ‘Q Shaman’ Urging Demonstrators to ‘Go Home’ and ‘Remain Peaceful’

Newly surfaced video footage shows Jacob Chansley, better known as the “Q Shaman,” urging fellow demonstrators on January 6th to “go home” and “remain peaceful,” while quoting a censored tweet from former President Donald Trump, National File reports.

The footage contradicts the narrative that has been pushed by Democrats, some Republicans, and the media, portraying Chansley as an “insurrectionist” and leader of a terrorist group.

Chansley reminded demonstrators that “we are not Antifa” and quoted Trump’s instructions to “obey our President” and “go home.”

The footage also shows Chansley being escorted around the Capitol building by U.S. Capitol Police, who attempted to open doors for him and allow him into legislative chambers.

Inside the Senate Chambers, Chansley led those who accompanied him in prayer and repeatedly asked them to respect the Capitol building, its property, officers, and representative democracy.

Despite the video evidence that exonerates Chansley of violent accusations, he was sentenced to four years in federal prison after being pushed into accepting a plea deal by a federal court system and the Department of Justice.

Chansley’s attorney claims that Capitol security footage that could have helped his case was never made available to him by the federal court system and the DOJ.

The resurfacing of the video footage raises questions about the media’s portrayal of events on January 6th and highlights the need for a fair and just legal system that provides all evidence to defendants.