New York Democrats Compare 9/11 to Climate Change

Two democratic lawmakers are being criticized for promoting a poster that compared climate change to the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11.

  • Senators Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan) and Rachel May (D-Syracuse) were seen in photos Tuesday at a climate change rally in Albany, New York holding a sign that showed an airplane that read “Climate Change” heading for the Twin Towers.
  • The poster also read “Wake up America. 2050 is too late,” above the New York City skyline.

“This shameful use of 9/11 imagery offends every New Yorker. Senator Rachel May and Senator Robert Jackson today used a horrific attack on our nation to advance their political agenda,” state Sen. Minority Leader Robert Ortt (R-Lockport) said.

  • New York’s former Gov. George Pataki and the state’s chief executive during the attacks was outraged by the banner, saying it was insensitive to those who lost someone in the horrific attacks.
  • “This is a cruel stunt that is an insult to the families who lost loved ones and the heroes who responded to those attacks. I never thought New York politicians could stoop this low – we can have little hope unless they are kicked out ASAP,” Pataki tweeted.  
  • May claimed she didn’t realize the content of what was on the sign, taking to Twitter to express her regrets.
  • “The imagery on the banner is unacceptable and I would never endorse such a cynical use of our state’s history to score cheap points. I apologize sincerely to all New Yorkers and call upon the organizers to similarly condemn this message,” she said.