MIT Scientist Says ‘Existential’ Threat of Climate Change ‘Unreasonable’

An MIT scientist told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders” that so-called climate change is not a danger to human life.

Richard Lindzen, professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) said, “If all other things are kept constant, and you double CO2, you would get a little under one degree of warming.”

“Climate is one of the earliest examples of cancel culture,” he stated. “When the issue opened up in the early ’90s, most media forecasters thought it was silly.”

“The American Meteorological Society actually certifies weathermen, not researchers, but weathermen. They began saying they wouldn’t certify anyone who questioned warming, and that they had to go for reeducation. Today, you don’t hear anyone in the media who will question this. I don’t think the public is quite aware of the pressures that were brought to bear to get rid of opposition to this.”

Lindzen noted that there is a “greenhouse effect,” however, the narrative of climate change “depended on people not thinking that a degree was small. That’s amazing to me. They see a graph which goes up one degree, but they don’t look at the scale. They are told this is huge, and then people say, ‘It’s huge.'”

“You have politicians saying, ‘If it goes up another half degree, we’re all going to boil.’ You have people believing that, and never questioning if a half-degree would bring anything to a boil. If it really can, can I patent it, please?”

He added that the greenhouse effect is “due primarily to water vapor and clouds. CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide are minor, minor constituents. Roughly speaking, if all other things are kept constant and you double CO2, you would get a little under one degree of warming.”

Describing the supposed “existential” threat of the earth’s temperature, Lindzen said, “The thought that this is existential and requires massive changes is unreasonable. It’s absurd. In a way, CO2 is the dream of a regulator. If you control CO2, you control breathing. If you control breathing, you control everything. This always is one temptation.”

White House National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby defended President Joe Biden’s comments that climate change is “more frightening than a nuclear war” and is “the only existential threat” the world faces.

“Climate change is an existential threat. It actually threatens and is capable of wiping out all human life on Earth over time,” Kirby said in an interview with Fox News’ host Martha MacCallum. “I don’t know how much more existential you can get than that. But that doesn’t mean that we walk away from our obligations or our national security interests in very dangerous parts of the world.”

During the recent COP28 summit, Vice President Kamala Harris announced that the U.S. will spend $3 billion to address climate change overseas.

“The U.S. is committed to expanding international climate finance,” she said. “I am proud to announce a new $3 billion pledge to the Green Climate Fund to help developing countries access capital to invest in resilience, clean energy, and nature-based solutions.”

“Continued progress will not be possible without a fight,” Harris added. “Around the world, there are those who seek to slow or stop our progress: leaders who deny climate science, delay climate action, and spread misinformation; corporations that greenwash their climate inaction and lobby for billions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies.”