Martha’s Vineyard Residents Claim They Don’t Have Room for Immigrants, but Airbnb and Say Differently

No room at the inn? Residents of Martha’s Vineyard, a haven for wealthy Democrats, liberals, and Blue Anons, had their chance to put their money where their virtue-signaling lawn signs are and embrace 50 illegal immigrants, hilariously flown in by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Instead, they relied on the military to have them “deported” to a Massachusetts National Guard Base on Cape Cod, another vacation destination for the well-to-do, though not as luxurious as Martha’s Vineyard, where Barack Obama owns a massive $12 million mansion.

Martha’s Vineyard took roughly 44 hours to exile the immigrants to the mainland. Residents claimed they didn’t have room for the 50 travelers. Let’s check and Airbnb for the reality.

Airbnb tells us that there are currently 66 homes open as of the publication of this article. Each immigrant could relax in style after his or her long journey from the socialist toilet that is Venezuela, in his or her own stunning house, some with “a modern touch & traditional feel overlooking Vineyard Haven Harbor” or an “easy walk to the fun in Oak Bluffs.”

I checked, and there are seven places with multiple rooms available should the 50 immigrants invite their families and friends for a reunion on the playground of the rich, liberal, and resoundingly hypocritical.

It seems there are plenty of rooms available after all. Then why would the wealthy Democrats not want the illegal immigrants to find respite on Martha’s Vineyard?

Elizabeth Osborn Bostrom, a resident of Martha’s Vineyard, said what all the elite Vineyard bolshies are thinking. She told the New York Post that she “stayed out of town most of the day to avoid the commotion.” and that “people here leave their doors open. It’s safe and there’s no real crime, usually. I’m not upset they came here, but I’m a little wary. I have my doors locked.”

In other words, She doesn’t want to see them, and she doesn’t trust them. Sounds a little racist to me.

Martha’s Vineyard officials sent the “unwanted, potential criminals” away to cheaper real estate where the wealthy won’t have to look at them, but then again, the island has always catered to wealthy, powerful Democrats.

Some have called on former president Barack Obama to use his sprawling Martha’s Vineyard estate for tents to house the Venezuelans, but the island had already swept the unwanted immigrants elsewhere, so the Bamster got to dodge that bullet.

Martha’s Vineyard should consider itself lucky. Texas recently had to deal with 46 dead immigrants in a truck. They were basically cooked to death in the Texas summer heat. Some miscreants poured steak seasoning on the hot bodies to hide the stench.

Let’s wrap up with this funny video from my friends at “Jokes and a Point.” They know what’s up, and they like to hammer the commies. Remember, conservatives are WAY funnier than libs.