Majority of Americans Call For Buttigieg to Resign

A poll from Rasmussen Reports found that most American voters want Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to resign. When asked, “Should Buttigieg resign as a result of how the Transportation Department handled the recent train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio,” 51% of poll participants said yes.

From National File:

The Rasmussen Reports poll data showed 68 percent of Republicans, 51 percent of Independents, and 35 percent of Democrats believe that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg should resign due to his handling of the East Palestine Ohio Train derailment.


2023 has been a challenging year for Pete Buttigieg. First, in January, FAA computer systems crashed, forcing all United States flights to be temporarily grounded. Then, last week NationalFile reported a close friend of Mayor Pete had been arrested on 56 counts of child sex charges.

Criticism of Buttigieg grew louder when a reporter asked Pete when he would visit East Palestine, Ohio, and Buttigieg responded by saying he was on personal time.