Judge Blocks Title IX Changes in Four States

U.S. District Judge Terry Doughty has blocked Biden’s new Title IX guidelines that allow transgender students in the bathroom corresponding with their identity rather than biology.

Doughty called the rules an “abuse of power” in an injunction. The injunction applies to four states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, and Idaho.

“This case demonstrates the abuse of power by executive federal agencies in the rulemaking process,” he wrote. “The separation of powers and system of checks and balances exist in this country for a reason.”

Explaining his ruling, Doughty said, “Title IX was written and intended to protect biological women from discrimination. Such purpose makes it difficult to sincerely argue that, at the time of enactment, ‘discrimination on the basis of sex’ included gender identity, sex stereotypes, sexual orientation, or sex characteristics.” He noted that the changes made to the policy under the Biden administration would “subvert the original purpose of Title IX: protecting biological females from discrimination.”

Biden’s Department of Education (DOE) responded to the ruling, stating that it will be reviewing the order and will “continue to fight for every student.”

Louisiana Attorney General Liz Murrill, who initiated the lawsuit in April, celebrated the ruling.

“This a victory for women and girls. When Joe Biden forced his illegal and radical gender ideology on America, Louisiana said NO! Along with Idaho, Mississippi, and Montana, states are fighting back in defense of the law, the safety and prosperity of women and girls, and basic American values,” Murrill said.

A similar ruling was issued in the state of Texas earlier this week. A court order declared that the DOE “lacks authority to redefine ‘sex’ in a way that conflicts with Title IX.”

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the DOE last year.

Paxton said of the victory, “Joe Biden’s unlawful effort to weaponize Title IX for his extremist agenda has been stopped in its tracks.”

“Threatening to withhold education funding by forcing states to accept ‘transgender’ policies that put women in danger was plainly illegal. Texas has prevailed on behalf of the entire Nation.”