Israeli officer: 20% of Palestinian rockets, about 700 in total, have landed on their own people

The Israel-Palestine conflict has resulted in collateral damage in both Israel and Gaza, with the military capabilities of Hamas becoming increasingly questionable.

An Israeli military officer told The Associated Press that out of the 700 rockets fired by Hamas targeting Israel on Wednesday night, about one-fifth of them wound up in Gaza.

For the hundreds of other rockets, the Israeli military’s Iron Dome system has had a 90 percent success rate intercepting them before they have a chance to reach the ground, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Hamas originally began firing rockets into Israel amidst fighting in East Jerusalem regarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque earlier this month after Israeli police got involved in the clashes.

Israel and Hamas are now constantly firing rockets back and forth at one another, resulting in widespread calls for a ceasefire.

However, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made it clear that his country is “determined to continue this operation until its aim is met”, according to the AP.

Hamas’s strategy seems to be drastically different, at least in the sense of public messaging, than that of the Israel Defense Forces.