Iowa Governor Displays Nativity Scene Amid Satanic Temple Exhibit

Following criticism from Iowans after Satanists erected a display of Baphomet at the state capitol, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (D) displayed a nativity scene.

“Like many Iowans, I find the Satanic Temple’s display in the Capitol absolutely objectionable,” Reynolds said in a press release. “In a free society, the best response to objectionable speech is more speech, and I encourage all those of faith to join me today in praying over the Capitol and recognizing the nativity scene that will be on display – the true reason for the season.”

In a post on X, the governor shared that “faithful Iowans gathered in the Capitol rotunda to display the Nativity and pray for peace.”

“Free speech is a right afforded to all. But how we use it matters. Today’s event is proof that in the battle between good and evil, good will always prevail,” Reynolds said.

Following its display of Baphomet, The Satanic Temple of Iowa released a statement, saying it is “proud to participate in the festivities at our capitol this holiday season.”

“We thank the staff of the capitol, the capitol police & the department of administration services for holding fast to the principle of religious freedom and ensuring all religious have an equal opportunity to celebrate the holidays together in our beautiful capitol.”