Christians Protest as Iowa Satanic Temple Erects Display in State Capitol

Iowa Satanists erected a display of Baphomet at the state capitol, prompting widespread criticism among Christians.

According to The Western Journal, a sign on the display reads, “This display is not owned, maintained, promoted, supported by or associated with the State of Iowa.”

“It’s abhorrent to see something like a display like this. It’s a travesty, to see in our Capitol I don’t know why it’s allowed to be here,” Pastor Joel Tenney of Alpha Pneuma Ministries told WHO-TV. “I’m going to work to hold whoever put this up accountable, and whoever allowed this to be put up accountable as well. If there’s some sort of concession for this to be allowed, I’m gonna work to oppose that concession and rewrite any rulings or legislation we have considering something like this.”

“What I’m grateful about is that there are those who recognize that we are in a spiritual battle,” a woman with a Christian prayer group told the outlet. “About 40 of us in that room and not only do we love all people, including those who put this Satanic display up at Christmas time, but even more than our love, Jesus, Jesus loves them as well.”

The prayer group leader, Paul Dykstra, similarly stated, “God uses all evil to good, he’ll turn it to good, and so if people become aware that these things are out there, they become more alert to watch for it.”