Exorcist Priest Believes ‘Satanic’ Influence behind Travis Scott Concert Tragedy

On Monday night, Fox News’ Jesse Watters hosted Father Michael Maginot, who claimed that the horrific Astroworld tragedy was the result of Satanic influence.


Watters spoke with Father Michael Maginot and asked him questions like “What signs did you see at that concert that would lead to you believe there was a satanic role?” and “The stage we’re seeing right now, that looks to you like the gates of hell the way that I guess they designed that?”

“It seemed like it wanted you to go to the other side and so it did seem, you’re kind of going down, you know, Dante’s Inferno, various stages of hell,” Maginot said. “People are kind of being induced to push forward not realizing the havoc you could cause.”

Watters then asked if Travis Scott’s lyrics “indicated any sort of satanic leaning.”

“I can’t really start rapping here. But, I mean, have you listened to the music before and have you discerned any sort of influence by Satan?” he asked.

“Certain vibrations and drum beats and riffs and things get to motivate a person like any music can,” Maginot responded. “But this one does seem to be dark and leading to the darker side of things.”