Costco to No Longer Restock Bud Light Once Sold Out

Images shared on Twitter suggest Bud Light has been given the “star of death” from Costco.

The “star of death” is an asterisk placed on items’ price tag signaling that the product is not to be restocked once it has sold out.

Another Twitter user said Costco is “practically giving away Bud Light.”

“Even Costco is getting out of the game…,” another tweet read.

It is unknown which Costco locations are labeling Bud Light with the “star of death.”

The move comes as Bud Light has consistently lost sales following its partnership with transgender woman, biological male Dylan Mulvaney.

Reporting from Newsweek:

"I was waiting for the brand to reach out to me but they never did and for months now I've been scared to leave my house," Mulvaney said in a video posted to Instagram and TikTok at the end of June after weeks of silence. "For a company to hire a trans person and then not publicly stand by them is worse in my opinion than not hiring a trans person at all."