Colorado Turns Schools into Welfare Agencies to Accommodate Migrants

Colorado communities have transformed public schools into welfare agencies as thousands of illegal immigrant children have come into the state.

The transformation of the Centennial State’s schools from educational facilities to welfare agencies where kids of all ages, many of whom have never gone to school in their entire lives, are enrolled by the thousands, The Washington Post reported.

According to the outlet, more than 2,800 children of illegals have flooded the Aurora school system.

Denver, the outlet adds, usually welcomes about 500 children of illegals a year, but, in the past year, that number has jumped to 250 every week.

“When you have 17 kids in your classroom, and then the next day you have 35, you’re basically starting over,” Janine Dillabaugh, the principal of Eagleton Elementary in Denver, said. In addition to academic support, she says, “We also have to attend to their social and emotional needs.”

The schools are also having to employ translators as they are finding more than a dozen languages being spoken by the children of illegals including Afghan, Chinese, various African dialects, languages from East Asia, and more.

One Venezuelan woman told the paper that she gets “everything” from the Aurora school her son attends.

“This is the only place I feel supported,” she said. “Clothes, WiFi, food, shoes — they help with everything.”