CNN, Jennifer Granholm Suggest Climate Change Could Be Responsible for Florida Building Collapse

We should have known this was coming.

On Tuesday, an anchor at CNN, along with Joe Biden’s Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, suggested that climate change might be responsible for the tragic collapse of the Champlain Towers South Condominium in Surfside, Florida.

The building collapsed last Thursday at approximately 1:15 am local time. As of this writing, 12 bodies have been recovered from the collapsed building, with another 149 persons still unaccounted for.

So, of course that’s the right time to bring up a straw-man argument that the scourge of climate change might be responsible for the tragedy.

Despite the fact that rescue workers are still picking through the ruins and searching for survivors, the “most trusted name in news” decided to attempt to blame the tragedy on the Left’s favorite bogeyman — climate change.

While a red chyron at the bottom of the screen blared, “Could Climate Crisis Have Contributed to Building Collapse?” anchor Erica Hill asked, “Given what we know about the changing climate, given that you’ve seen an increase in, so called, extraordinary tides, and the impact that that can have in areas like south Florida, do you think that climate would have played a role in that building’s collapse?”

To her credit, Granholm didn’t say yes, exactly. But she did play along, hinting that climate change might indeed have played a role in the tragedy.

“Well, obviously we don’t know fully, but we do know the seas are rising,” Granholm said. “We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beach — not just in Florida, but all around,” Granholm said.

Granholm saw the disaster as not only a chance to toss some blame for the collapse at climate change, but also to shill for her boss’s infrastructure plan.

“The issue about resiliency and making sure we adapt to this changing climate — that’s going to meant that levees need to be built, that means sea walls need to be built, that means infrastructure needs to be built,” Granholm explained.