Capernaum Studios Inspires Young Christian Content Creators

CONTENT2022′ winners announced.

  • A film contest called ‘CONTENT2022’ was recently held by Capernaum Studios for young filmmakers, storytellers, actors, and creatives.
  • Contestants were invited to submit a video no longer than two minutes highlighting youth who are becoming leaders in today’s generation. Creators were given 30 days to create their videos, which had to be submitted by August 17, 2022.
  • Capernaum Studios, which is the venue for the Christian TV series “The Chosen,” hosted the CONTENT2022 event on September 12-15th of this year. Nominated filmmakers were allowed to screen their work.
  • The contest named two winners, Joanna Lower and Brandon Swartz, whose video submissions can be seen below.
  • Winner Brandon Schwartz, 17, spoke to American Faith, saying he is delighted to be chosen as a winner for CONTENT2022 and is also excited to see what’s going on in the Christian film industry today.
  • Schwartz’s advice to other current or aspiring filmmakers is to “learn everything.” The young creative said to get rid of the idea that you need to know everything from the start. “Go out and find a film set. See if your friends are making something at school. Carry coffee. Because the more you can see people who’ve been doing it a long time work, the more you get out of that. And don’t give up!”
  • Joanna Lower, 28, is a singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and filmmaker who wants to use her talents to share her faith. “It’s like a 3-way ministry to inspire people and bring people to the Lord,” Lower told American Faith.
  • The young creator said her best piece of advice to other filmmakers is to “just create,” going on to encourage up-and-coming filmmakers not to let the small things hold them back. “A lot of times I let perfectionism hold me back because I had this insane standard for myself. But what you create is beautiful because you have the Creator of all things living inside of you. Don’t let fear hold you back. Go out and create something!”
  • Capernaum Studios is a Christian-based film studio located on a 40-acre facility equipped with film sets, indoor sound stages, and a theater, in Weatherford, Texas, American Faith previously reported.
  • The studio was built from the ground up by president Tammy Lane on what used to be her father’s ranch. “My dad bought this ranch 26 years ago, and I knew when he bought it that there was something special that was going to happen here,” Lane explained. “My husband and I both felt it.”
  • The studio features sets like its First Century Village, which is a life-sized replica of what a small town would have looked like in Jesus’ time, as well as its Post-Apocalyptic Town, its Small Town Main Street, and an 18th Century Cabin.