New Film ‘Washington’s Armor’ Shows How ‘God’s Hand’ Guided America’s Founding Fathers: Watch Trailer

“George Washington was God’s chosen vessel to establish a nation and become the first president of the United States,” said film studio president Tammy Lane.

  • Washington’s Armor‘ is a new feature film about young George Washington’s harrowing journey to becoming America’s first president.
  • The idea for the film came to Capernaum Studios president and series director Tammy Lane after reading a book called The Bulletproof George Washington by David Barton. “I was so fascinated by Barton’s book that I began to have a strong urge to produce a film based on this story,” Lane told American Faith.
  • “Our new movie shows us the providence of an infallible God over the life of a fallible human being. George Washington was God’s chosen vessel to establish a nation and become the first president of the United States. But what did he endure to get to that point? Washington’s Armor depicts the trials and tribulations young George Washington encountered at the beginning of his journey to prepare him for what was to come,” said Lane.
  • The studio president went on to explain that while the events depicted by the film occurred almost 300 years ago, the story “needs to be told not only to make known the amount of sacrifice and perseverance our founders went through but also how God’s hand was on them so that we could have and enjoy the very freedoms that we are at risk of losing today.”
  • “Our history is being removed or changed as we speak. We need to preserve history for the next generation. We must remember where we came from in order to know where we’re going,” the director emphasized. “I think George Washington would be very disturbed to see how all the effort, pain, and longsuffering to establish this nation on the Constitution and biblical principles are being destroyed.”
  • “This is why I want to do everything I can to preserve the history of this nation: to secure a good future for our kids and grandkids,” Lane concluded.
  • Capernaum Studios president and director Tammy Lane said the best place to watch Washington’s Armor is
  • Lane reminds viewers that “We will be coming out with two more volumes in the future.”
  • The TV series “The Chosen,” which tells the story of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his disciples and is the most crowdfunded TV show in history, was also filmed at the 40-acre Capernaum Studios, equipped with film sets, indoor sound stages, and a theater, in Weatherford, Texas.
  • Lane owns and operates Capernaum Studios, which she and her team built from the ground up on what used to be a part of her father’s ranch. “My dad bought this ranch 26 years ago, and I knew when he bought it that there was something special that was going to happen here,” Lane explained. “My husband and I both felt it.”
  • Capernaum Studios features sets like its First Century Village, which is a life-sized replica of what a small town would have looked like in Jesus’ time, as well as its Post-Apocalyptic Town, its Small Town Main Street, and an 18th Century Cabin and Fort.