Cal Poly Humboldt Closes Campus For Remainder of Semester as Pro-Palestinian Protesters Occupy Buildings

California State Polytechnic University, Humboldt is closing its campus for the remainder of the semester as pro-Palestinian protesters continue to occupy two of the school’s academic buildings.

The university announced a “hard closure” was being enforced over the weekend, and that individuals were prohibited from entering or being on campus without permission.

According to the university, anyone who is on campus without permission is subject to citation or arrest.

“Students who live on campus in residence halls are presumed to have permission to remain in the limited area of the hall they live in and dining facilities,” the university wrote. “Until further updates, student residents do not have permission to be in other parts of campus.”

The university closed its entire campus late Monday in response to people occupying Siemens Hall and Nelson as part of growing protests sweeping college campuses nationwide.