Black Americans Reject Transgender Claim 10 to One: Poll

Nine out of ten Black Americans reject the claim there are more than two genders, in Rasmussen poll.

  • Nine out of ten Black Americans reject the claim there are more “genders” than the two male and female sexes, according to a December 20-21 Rasmussen poll, Breitbart reports.
  • Only three of the roughly 150 Blacks interviewed said they “strongly” agreed that there are more “genders” than female and male.
  • However, roughly 102 Black respondents strongly denied that claim, which is a core element of the transgender ideology.
  • Just 8% of Black Americans in the poll said they disagreed “strongly” or “somewhat’ with the claim “there are [only] two genders, male and female.”
  • 82% of Black respondents agreed with the two-sex option, 14% somewhat, and 68% strongly.
  • Nearly all of respondents were Democrats, meaning they sharply differed with the pro-transgender views of progressives who direct many of the party’s policies, notes Breitbart.
  • The poll showed that 60% of independents strongly agree people are either male or female, while only 7% strongly disagree.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 75% of American Adults agree that there are only two genders, male and female. That total includes 63% who Strongly Agree. Eighteen percent (18%) disagree.”

  • Republican voters overwhelmingly reject transgender ideology, as do swing-voting independents, the Rasmussen poll highlights.
  • Transgender activists have accused J.K. Rowling of “hate speech” for saying it, but most Americans agree with the Harry Potter author that there are only two genders, Rasmussen reports.