Biden’s approval rating tanks as end of first 100 days nears

President Joe Biden’s approval rating has tanked as we near the end of his first 100 days leading the nation. His approval rating stands at a mere 52 percent, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

Of those surveyed, 35 percent said they strongly disapproved of Biden’s efforts so far, while 34 percent of Americans said they strongly approve. What Americans most like in their new, elderly president, is the administration’s handling of the pandemic, earning a positive percentage of 64.

What don’t they like? How things are going at the US-Mexico border. The issues at the border have been building since Biden entered the White House and implemented measures that welcome all unaccompanied minors across the border, promising food, shelter, and education.

While at first refusing to call the situation a crisis, which would make five major crises that Biden is using the implement sweeping new measures across the economy and society, they’ve now realized there’s no way out of the classification.

Washington Post reports, however, that most Americans are not in favor of the administration running roughshod over congress and Republicans, or of the president and Democrats enacting changes without consideration of the GOP.