Biden Congressional Address Was an Anti-Vaccine Infomercial

What struck me most about His Fraudulency Joe Biden’s Wednesday night address to congress was how it seemed as though the entire federal government had gathered to stage a nationally-televised piece of performance art with one blaring message: The coronavirus vaccine does not work! Do not get vaccinated! Look at us! LOOK AT US, we’re vaccinated and nothing’s changed!!!

Everyone from His Fraudulency to Her Vice Fraudulency to the Speaker of the House; absolutely everyone in that congressional chamber has been vaccinated, and yet, through their own actions they screamed out their belief that the vaccine is, at best, worthless.

We’re being told and told again the vaccine works. Our government assures and reassures us the vaccine works. Biden and everyone in congress assure us the vaccine works. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to convince everyone to get vaccinated because — you guessed it — the vaccine works. But…

If the vaccine works, why is the government behaving as though it doesn’t?