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Netflix stock tanks as subscriber numbers drop

1st time platform has lost domestic customers in 2 years.

Prosecutor hid investigation of Hunter Biden during campaign

Delayed subpoenas so matter would remain secret while Joe Biden ran for office.

Media launches ‘Russia collusion Version 2.0’ claims against Trump

Vaguely attributed report charges Putin rallied support during 2016 election.

Biden OKs Amazon ‘radar’ that will let company see what you do in bed

George Orwell's classic novel "1984" was so eerily prescient that it's almost cliché to cite it now -- but "Orwellian" is the only way to describe a new device that will let Amazon know exactly what you're doing in bed.

Fed report confirms: People aren’t working because of government handouts

During a bizarre, rambling news conference on June 24, which was supposed to be about announcing a bipartisan deal with Republican senators on an infrastructure spending plan, President Joe Biden had some interesting thoughts regarding the labor shortage issue.

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts suffer huge declines in membership

'There are a lot of interesting things for kids to do these days'

‘Outrageous’: Probe demanded of IRS decision to link biblical values, GOP

Members of Congress want to know why group was denied status based on faith.

Americans overwhelmingly believe freedom of religion is important

It's considered a bedrock U.S. value. It's why the Pilgrims fled to the American continent. The overwhelming majority of Americans believe in the inviolability of its guarantees.

Now Democrats want to RE-fund the police

Party accused of rewriting defund movement with help of media.

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