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Is a 25th Amendment Removal in Joe Biden’s Future?

The time may be coming when the country will have to have a serious conversation about a very uncomfortable topic: President Biden’s mental health.

Record-High 56 Percent Say Local Crime Has Increased

A record-high percent of Americans in a recent Gallup poll said that local crime in their area has increased over the last year.

Democrats Ready for Midterm Blame Game

Three weeks out from a midterm election that is beginning to look more and more like a big victory for Republicans, Democrats are starting to play the blame game.

Trump Endorses Conservative Commentator Tudor Dixon: Michigan GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Trump announced on Friday evening he was endorsing conservative commentator Tudor Dixon in Michigan’s Republican gubernatorial primary, which is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Here are the GOP candidates Democrats have helped in primaries

Democratic-aligned groups and candidates have spent tens of millions of dollars to influence GOP primaries across the country this year, hoping that their efforts will yield less-electable, more-controversial Republican nominees in the general elections.

Hispanic Voters Leaving Democrat Party for GOP

Republicans are actively courting Hispanic voters in key competitive House districts, hoping to peel away voters from Democrats repeating their historical pattern of investing little and late in reaching out to Latinos.

Army Approves Reduced Physical Fitness Standards for Women, Older Soldiers

Following a three-year review, the Army has scrapped plans to use the same physical fitness test for all soldiers.

GOP Raises Red Flag on Supreme Court Nominee’s Guantánamo Work

Republicans are raising a red flag over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's work on behalf of Guantánamo Bay detainees.

United Airlines Letting Unvaxxed Employees Return to Work

United Airlines will let unvaccinated employees return to their full-time jobs by March 28.

Facebook, Instagram to Allow Calls for Violence Against Russians Temporarily

Facebook and Instagram will temporarily allow users in some countries to call for violence against Russians and Russian soldiers within the context of the war in Ukraine, a company spokesperson confirmed Thursday, a substantial shift to their rules on hate speech and violence and incitement.

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