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Christian Pastor, Lawyer Team Up To Fight Abortion One City at a Time

A lawyer and a Texas Christian pastor have taken it upon themselves to fight abortion one city at a time following the U.S. Supreme Court's controversial overturning of the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

U.S. Court Reinstates Biden’s Order Forcing Federal Employees to Get Vaccinated

A federal appeals court has reinstated U.S. President Joe Biden's mandate requiring federal employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a report says.

CDC Study Admits COVID Lockdowns Caused Major Problem Among Kids

A new survey from the CDC revealed the effects of the COVID pandemic and lockdowns on children's mental health.

Pastor Artur Pawloski Freed After 51 Days in Solitary Confinement for ‘Mischief’ Charges

Polish-Canadian Pastor Artur Pawloski has been released after 51 days of detention for allegedly inciting "mischief" and "breaching out peace and order" after he was arrested while addressing the people during the Freedom Convoy.

Hearing for California ‘Infanticide Bill’ Set to Occur Next Week

The California Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing for a bill disguised as reproductive health yet enables a woman to hurt or kill her week-old child is set on April 5 at the state capitol building.

Pastor in Need of Money Finds Himself in the Most Extraordinary Place: Ministry Inside the FBI

A pastor from Virginia testified how his dire need for money as a young father supporting his family led to the fulfillment of his dream of becoming a lead pastor.

Canadian Pastor Brings Christ to Inmates While in Jail for Nearly Six Weeks Now

A famed pastor who was repeatedly imprisoned for opposing the Canadian government is now preaching behind bars.

‘Spiritual Disadvantage’ Faced by Youths With Parents Lacking Biblical Worldview: Study

A study released by Arizona Christian University's Cultural Research Center Director George Barna showed that young adults are at a "spiritual disadvantage" when their parents do not have a biblical worldview.

Faith Makes America Stronger, 40% Of Americans Believe

About 40% of adults in the U.S. believe that religion makes the country stronger, a new survey has found.

COVID Vax Might ‘Increase the Risk of Being Infected,’ mRNA Inventor Says

A COVID vaccine detractor claims that the shots may be causing enhanced disease because it was designed for the earlier versions of the coronavirus.

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