Anti-Trump Republican Donors Tied to Chinese Communist Party

The billionaires are coming out against Trump’s 2024 run.

  • Several wealthy Republican donors who have come out against Trump’s 2024 presidential run are found to have ties to the Chinese Communist Party finances.
  • One such wealthy Republican is media mogul Rupert Murdoch, whose publication has already started running anti-Trump content even mocking Trump’s campaign roll-out with the headline: “Florida Man Makes Announcement.”
  • A recent report from Crikey, a popular Australian magazine, discovered that the Murdoch “empire borrows US$100m from state-owned Bank of China.”
  • Stephen Schwarzman, another billionaire that has his hands in private equity, announced that he wouldn’t back Trump.
  • Schwarzman is the CEO of Blackstone Group, which is partly owned for over a decade by the Chinese sovereign wealth fund. It’s estimated that between 2013-2018 his firm did $32 billion worth of Chinese deals.
  • Fox News Network cut away from former President Donald Trump’s live 2024 campaign announcement on Tuesday evening, despite it being a highly anticipated event.
  • The network promised they would return to the coverage when “news warrants,” signaling disdain from the news outlet toward the former president.
  • Fox News broke away from his comments on several occasions, and host Laura Ingrahm at one point even said she thought the speech was no longer “newsworthy.”
  • Legacy media outlets have already started what appears to be a campaign to put the former president in a bad light.
  • Mainstream media injected hyperbole and bias into headlines meant to report Trump’s 2024 U.S. presidential election announcement, as American Faith previously reported.
  • Included in their coverage was the assertion that trump “lied” and “inspired an insurrection.” One publication called him a “three-time loser” while others called him “low-energy” and “fact-checked” his speech from earlier this week.