Fox News Interrupts Live Coverage of Trump’s 2024 Announcement Speech in Apparent Snub

The network promised to return to Trump’s speech when “news warrants” it.

  • Fox News cut away from former President Donald Trump’s live 2024 campaign announcement on Tuesday evening.
  • The network promised they would return to the coverage when “news warrants,” signaling disdain from the news outlet toward the former president.
  • Trump spoke for over an hour, promising to “stand tall in the storm” and saying his announcement marked the beginning of “America’s comeback.”
  • Fox News broke away from his comments on several occasions, and host Laura Ingrahm at one point even said she thought the speech was no longer “newsworthy.”
  • Ingraham later returned to the speech, telling viewers the network would “dip back in and see what he’s still saying.”
  • Fox News’ Rupert Murdock said he won’t be backing former President Donald Trump for president in his second bid for the office in his recently announced 2024 bid.
  • Murdoch allegedly cited the midterm elections’ unfavorable results as the major reason he cannot support the businessman-turned-third politician’s attempt for the president.
  • Fox News published an article asserting that “moments before Trump’s announcement, DeSantis receives standing ovation at Republican confab.”
  • The publication reported that the Florida governor announced he was launching his 2024 White House bid on Tuesday evening and cited a source that claimed he spoke about his “impressive re-election campaign,” in his announcement.

Jon Fleetwood contributed to this report.