8,000+ Attend South Africa ‘Let Us Worship’ Event on Saturday

The service was in celebration of the two-year anniversary of the movement.

  • An estimated 8,000 plus attended the “Let Us Worship” event on Saturday in South Africa to celebrate the event’s two-year anniversary.
  • The event was hosted by Sean Feucht, who created the event to lift up the name of Christ, which is what his team encouraged the crowd to do during the event.
  • “Salvations, healings, freedom from addiction and SO MUCH HOPE AND JOY restored today. God is ALIVE and MOVING in South Africa!!!” Feucht tweeted.
  • The South Africa event was the first of its kind outside of the United States, seeming to indicate that the format may be well received overseas.
  • The leaders encouraged attendees to seek God’s love for freedom from bondage.
  • “It felt like 1/3 of the crowd was running to Jesus for salvation, freedom (from) addiction, and surrender as drugs, needles, pills and lots more was thrown on the stage,” the worship leader wrote. “I’m undone and in awe again at the miracle power of JESUS tonight! HE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER!” 
  • Feucht, a long-time worship leader and recording artist, started outdoor mobile worship services as a way of allowing for church-type gatherings outdoors during COVID-19 restrictions.
  • The worship leader has also encouraged his American followers to keep up to date on the moral issues plaguing politics today, including abortion and the right to life.