2-Month-Old Baby Dies From Aluminum Poisoning, Vaccines To Blame

Almost a year after his death, a toxicology report revealed that 62-day-old Sawyer died from aluminum poisoning.

The report stated Sawyer’s blood had 95 micrograms per liter of aluminum, enough to be toxic for an adult.

A toxicologist interpreted the report, saying the levels of aluminum and antigen were due to Sawyer’s childhood vaccines, although a viral infection may have also had an effect.

Sawyer’s death was originally said to be “asphyxiation due to inappropriate sleep position and environment.”

The infant was sick when he received the vaccines.

Pediatrician Dr. Lawrence Palevsky told The Defender, “I don’t know of any official warnings against vaccinating sick children,” noting that “there are no upsides to vaccinating a sick child. There are only downsides.”

The parents of the infant, Melissa and Nick, began contacting individuals and agencies that could run tests or provide information on vaccines, including her pediatrician, but doctors denied vaccines being a factor in Sawyer’s death.

Melissa later found an individual willing to analyze tissue samples while another individual interpreted the report, concluding that Sawyer’s death was connected to aluminum poisoning.

Reporting from The Defender:

Melissa said she warns mothers of sick children to cancel their appointments for vaccines at least until the child has recovered. She added:

“Children do not need vaccines. And if they were to get them, they don’t need them until they’re at least 2 years old. The problem is, is they have a blood-brain barrier that has not closed up until they’re 2 years old or later. 

“And if you get vaccinated before 2 years old, the aluminum can cross that blood-brain barrier. That’s why levels are so high and it stops respiration and causes cardiac arrest.”