YouTube Permanently Bans Dan Bongino

Popular conservative podcast host blacklisted by Big Tech platform.

  • Dan Bongino, who hosts one of the most popular podcasts in conservative media, was permanently banned on Wednesday from Google’s YouTube video hosting platform, Breitbart reports.
  • YouTube said the host had attempted to evade a previous suspension.
  • Bongino had uploaded a video to his main channel while his secondary channel, which primarily hosted short clips from his digital radio show, was actively suspended for violating YouTube’s Covid-19 “misinformation” policy, according to The Hill.
  • “When a channel receives a strike, it is against our Terms of Service to post content or use another channel to circumvent the suspension,” a YouTube spokesperson said.
  • In addition to his investment in Parler, a competitor to Twitter, Bongino holds an equity stake in Rumble, an increasingly popular video hosting platform that competes with YouTube, Breitbart notes.
  • Both of Bongino’s channels have been removed and he will not be able to create a new one in the future, the platform said, The Hill reports.
  • The YouTube spokesperson promised that attempts to make new channels “associated with his name” will also be denied.
  • Bongino had announced in an earlier video this week that he was already planning to leave YouTube and his nearly 900,000 subscribers on his main channel.
  • “The Dan Bongino Show” channel on Rumble posts full episodes of his weekday show and boasts over 2 million subscribers.
  • Rumble’s popularity has soared recently, the conservative-friendly platform reaching over 30 million monthly viewers in the first quarter of 2021 from under 2 million in the fall of 2020, The Hill reports.