YouTube Deletes Video of Interview With Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Jordan Peterson

YouTube removed an interview with 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Dr. Jordan Peterson, during which the two discussed possible links between chemical exposure and adolescent transgenderism.

In the interview, RFK. Jr. noted that “sexual dysphoria” may be associated with adolescents “swimming through a soup of toxic chemicals.”

The Big Tech platform has not provided details as to which parts of the video violated its terms of service.

Kennedy Jr. took to Twitter to describe the situation, writing, “What do you think … Should social media platforms censor presidential candidates? My conversation with @JordanBPeterson was deleted by @YouTube. Luckily you can watch it here on @Twitter (thank you @elonmusk). #Kennedy24.”

Reporting from Reclaim the Net:

Kennedy furnished a 2010 University of California, Berkeley study that cited the influence of atrazine, an endocrine disruptor, on fertility. To paint a vivid picture, he mentioned its impact on frogs, as it “will chemically castrate and forcibly feminize every frog in there and 10 percent of the frogs—the male frogs—will turn into fully viable females able to produce viable eggs.” The extrapolation to the human realm was no leap of faith for Kennedy Jr., who spoke of atrazine’s ubiquity in the water supply.