YouTube Appears To Be Covering For Joe Biden. Here’s The Proof.

YouTube is deleting “dislikes” to artificially bolster the approval ratings of nearly all of the videos on the official YouTube channel of the Biden White House. Below are the receipts that prove it.

Once a new Biden White House video is about 6-12 hours old, YouTube begins deleting dislikes from the video. They continue to delete additional dislikes at fairly regular intervals after that. The end result is that Biden regime videos appear to be much more popular than they really are, though they are still almost entirely upside down. In contrast, YouTube videos from the Trump White House usually had net positive approval ratios.

Dial F for Fraud.

Twitter users, including journalists, have been posting screenshots of this phenomenon for at least two months now.

A few months back, researcher Zoe Phin did the first numerical analysis of the phenomenon I witnessed. She charted likes/dislikes over time and noticed large discontinuities in the charts. In Phin’s original post, she produced the following chart of the likes, dislikes, and total views over time on a White House video featuring Jen Psaki:

In the above chart, notice that the red line, which represents dislikes, increases very organically, then drops suddenly by a large amount once the video is about nine hours old. After that large initial drop, there are periodic drops that seem to correspond to more batches of “dislikes” being deleted, and that seem aimed at keeping the dislikes below some threshold of a maximum number of dislikes.