Young Transgender Individuals Decided To ‘Reverse’ The Transition Process

On Sunday, CBS News’ “60 Minutes” ran a segment about transgender issues facing today’s young people in America, which featured, in part, transgender individuals who decided to reverse course after taking hormones and undergoing surgery.

The segment featured how transgender activists have pushed back on legislation across the U.S. that aims to protect children from undergoing potentially life-altering medical procedures before they are old enough to understand the ramifications of their decisions. One of the transgender advocates said the fact that so many transgender individuals had decided to de-transition was proof that more resources were needed for trans individuals, not fewer.

Grace Lidinsky-Smith, who decided to transition in her early 20s and later decided to reverse course, said that the amount of questions she was asked by health care professionals prior to her decision to take hormones was minimal.

Lesley Stahl: Did the therapist not question you about how deep the feeling was and what it was stemming from?

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: She didn’t go — really go into what my gender dysphoria might’ve been stemming from. We only did a few sessions.

Lesley Stahl (NARRATION): Because she was over 18 and didn’t need parental consent, she says she merely signed an informed consent form at a clinic and got hormone shots.

Grace Lidinsky-Smith: They asked me, “So, why do you wanna go on testosterone?” And I said, “Well, being a woman just isn’t working for me anymore.” And they said, “Okay.”