You Seem Stable: One Tweet That Shows the Liberal Evolution and Meltdown over Mask-Wearing

It was deleted, but as Siraj Hashmi says, “The list comes for all.” It perfectly captures the liberal freak-out over COVID, masks, and how these people are and have been unstable since the dawn of time. We can take our masks off. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the fully vaccinated can rip them off. The pandemic is over here. The vaccines continue to roll. We’ve certainly reached herd immunity in some parts of the country. 

As Florida and Texas have reopened, there have been no COVID spikes. The ruse is over. So, the CDC rushes to tweak its protocols and suddenly, it’s now the Left who are anti-science. The experts say we can start taking masks off and liberal America responds with “we’re going to wear ours forever because of…science.” 


Hashmi found Tara Haelle, a science journalist, who wrote, “Notice: if I see you in a public indoor space not wearing a mask, I’m, judging you. I don’t know if you’re vaccinated. I assume you’re not, that you’re inconsiderate about others’ peace of mind and that you don’t care about protecting my family (and I don’t give a damn what the CDC says).”