Yelp Now Shows COVID Vax Requirements for Businesses

Yelp adds two new features allowing businesses to show customers their coronavirus vaccine requirements.

  • As of Thursday, Yelp users can see whether proof of vaccination is required to visit participating businesses, reports Axios.
  • Users will also be able to see whether a business’ staff is fully vaccinated.
  • Businesses can activate features via their Yelp for Business account.
  • Yelp said it will “proactively” monitor businesses’ Yelp pages, according to Axios.
  • This is in order to “help protect them from backlash after displaying their vaccine policies,” Axios says.
  • Yelp said that since January, they’ve added “more than 100 unusual activity alerts on pages in response to businesses gaining attention for their virus health and safety practices, including requiring vaccines.”
  • Yelp has also “removed approximately 4,500 reviews that have violated the company’s content policies,” writes Axios.