Worship Leader and Recording Artist Sean Feucht Organizes Disney Protest in Response to Company Stance on LGBTQ Curriculum in K-3rd Classroom

Musician and religious leader Sean Feucht says it’s time for Christians to let their voices be heard regarding Disney’s support of teaching LGBTQ ideology to 5 to 8-year-olds.

  • Religious leader Sean Feucht has organized a protest against Disney in Burbank, California to take place on Wednesday over their outspoken opposition to Florida’s parental rights law.
  • Concerned parents and church members will be gathering under the Disney arch in Burbank at 6 pm on April 6 to protest the Disney company’s stand against the law.
  • Feucht said in a statement to American Faith that it’s time for Christians to “let our voice be heard as concerned parents and the church.”
  • He encourages those who want to be involved but cannot attend the protest event to make a statement of their own by canceling any membership or passes they have that offer revenue to Disney.
  • Disney had promised to help repeal Florida legislation that bans teachers from giving classroom instruction on “sexual orientation” or “gender identity” in kindergarten through third grade, erroneously nicknamed the “Never Say Gay” law, Fox Business explains.
  • The artist argues that Disney is promoting a “woke” agenda. “Disney has gone further in committing to continue to infiltrate their woke agenda into all of the things they create,” Feucht, a former Congressional candidate, said during an interview with American Faith.
  • “Your entire organization started out to create safe spaces for kids,” the protest organizer went on to say about his frustration with Disney. “And now you are siding with those who want to groom kids by teaching them about sex and transgenderism at an early age.”
  • Feucht also said he believes there is a strong enough Christian base in the state of California to keep this movement growing.
  • Feucht was one of about 50 faith leaders who went to the White House to pray for President Donald Trump in December of 2019 and has been involved in various religious endeavors throughout the last few years.