Worldwide COVID Vaccine Push Is ‘Greatest Violation of Medical Ethics in the History of Medicine, Maybe Humanity’: Board-Certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist (Video)

Dr. James Thorp, a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist and maternal-fetal medicine physician of more than four decades, was interviewed on Thursday by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson regarding the link between COVID-19 vaccines and the startling increases in menstrual abnormalities, miscarriages, and stillborn or fetal death rates.

“To the layman, these seem like very dramatic numbers. Is that how you read them?” Carlson asked Dr. Thorp.

“One can make a very strong argument, Tucker, that the pushing of these experimental COVID-19 vaccines globally is the greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine, maybe humanity,” Thorp replied.

The board-certified doctor went on to describe a paper he authored that he hopes will be the lead feature article in a major peer-reviewed medical journal in March.

“We compared the COVID-19 vaccine adverse events over 18 months with that of the influenza vaccine over 282 months” using data from the U.S. Food and Drus Administration (FDA) as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Thorp explained regarding his paper.

“We found a 1,200-fold increase in severe menstrual abnormalities, a 57-fold increase in miscarriage, a 38-fold increase in fetal death or stillbirth rates,” he said.

Thorp also revealed he found “15 other major pregnancy complications all far exceeding the CDC and FDA values of safety,” before referencing “more than 30 other completely independent sources globally that corroborate exactly our findings.”

“This includes Pfizer’s own internal data,” the doctor added.

Watch the exchange below: