Women’s Sports Group Urges New York League to Protect Fair Competition

The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) called for the Liberty League to change its transgender athlete policy to protect fair competition for women.

ICONS, a network made up of current and former collegiate and professional female athletes, wrote a letter providing the example of a biological male at the Rochester Institute of Technology who set a record in women’s track.

“Currently ranked first in the women’s 200-meter and second in the 400-meter for the Liberty League Conference, this male athlete is almost certain to take multiple awards, podium spots, and advancement opportunities from female athletes this weekend,” the letter stated. “It is your responsibility to stop disregarding the rights of your female athletes and speak up to insist on fair competition.”

The council reportedly sent the letter ahead of the Liberty League Championships at St. Lawrence University on Friday and Saturday.

“Overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrates male-female performance differences exist from the earliest stages,” ICONS added.

“Study after peer-reviewed study has shown clear performance advantages for males in sport pre-puberty,” the letter continued. “Further studies clearly show that male advantage continues to exist even after attempts to suppress testosterone.”

“The only way sport can be fair and equal for women is with a protected female category that excludes competitors with male advantage.”

The council also pointed out lawmakers in 24 states and the House of Representatives who have passed legislation “to ensure males are not allowed to compete on school teams designated for women and girls.”

“We are reaching out today to ask you, as coaches and athletic directors, to stand up for fairness in sport,” the letter said. “The public has heard the stories of the high school girls in Connecticut track, the college swim team in Virginia, and the professional women who are self-excluding from the sports they love.”