Women’s Cycling Champion Ends Career After Biological Males Win Female Championship

Cyclocross champion Hannah Arensman stated she plans to retire from her cycling career following her loss to biological men in the UCI Cyclocross National Championships. Arensman and the transgender men raced in the elite women’s category. Arensman wrote in a Supreme Court brief in support of West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports law: “I decided to end my cycling career. At my last race at the recent UCI Cyclocross National Championships in the elite women’s category, I came in 4th place, flanked on either side by male riders awarded 3rd and 5th place.”

From The Post Millennial:

Arensman explained in her brief that she was born into a family of athletes and competed in sports from a young age, and “climbed the ranks to become an elite cyclocross racer.”

“Over the past few years, I have had to race directly with male cyclists in women’s events,” she continued. “As this has become more of a reality, it has become increasingly discouraging to train as hard as I do only to have to lose to a man with an unfair advantage of an androgenized body that intrinsically gives him an obvious advantage over me, no matter how hard I train.”