Women Protest Male-to-Female Athlete Inclusion at NCAA Convention

Former NCAA female swimmer Riley Gaines took to the front lines of a protest against male-to-female transgender inclusion at the NCAA convention. Gaines and a reported two-dozen women had a petition with nearly 10,000 signatures calling for an end of transgender inclusion in women’s sports and threatened legal action against NCAA on the basis of discrimination. Co-founder of the Independent Council on Women’s Sports and former NCAA athlete Marshi Smith presented a list of demands from the Independent Council that were given to the NCAA legal team.

From The Blaze:

"To avoid legal action, the NCAA must comply with civil rights law immediately by:

Repealing all policies and rules that allow male athletes to take roster spots on women’s teams and/or compete in women’s events;
Establishing and enforcing rules to keep women’s sports female;
Requiring colleges to provide single-sex locker rooms for female athletes."