Woman Experiences Cold Symptoms After Coming Into Contact With Escaped C.D.C. Monkeys

Woman who came into contact with monkeys escaped from the CDC is experiencing multiple symptoms, including Pink-Eye and a cough.

  • Monkeys that escaped on their way to a CDC quarantine facility came into contact with a woman who is now experiencing multiple cold symptoms according to The Gateway Pundit.
  • This was after the CDC began to monitor local residents for cold like-symptoms following the loss of 100 CDC test monkeys.
  • The Pennsylvania woman, Michele Fallon, sought out medical attention due to an open wound on her hand and the development of pink-eye-like symptoms, according to Fox News.
  • Fallon reported that she had an open cut on her hand and was exposed to feces when interacting with the monkey, which also hissed at her.
  • According to Falon’s report to news outlet PA Homepage, she has been put on preventative medicine and received a rabies vaccine as well as anti-viral medication.
  • Fallon said on her Facebook page that her symptoms were somewhat like those experienced by individuals with COVID-19.
  • The Pennsylvania resident said that upon reaching out to authorities about her possible exposure, she was told they could not call her, but requested that she come back to the crash site to meet with several officials.
  • Fallon reported being “worried” and said that, “People think I have a monkey virus,” which is not something that has been reported up to this point.
  • A trailer loaded with 100 monkeys crashed while en route to a CDC-approved quarantine facility on Friday.
  • The monkeys arrived at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport from Mauritius, an island nation east of Madagascar.
  • The monkeys have since all been captured and are accounted for, the CDC told The Associated Press.
  • The CDC has since decided to euthanize the animals, citing public health risk.