WOKE: Target Store That Was Destroyed, Looted During BLM Riots Now Boasts Murals Celebrating BLM Arson, Rioting For ‘Justice’

A Target store in Minneapolis that was looted and destroyed during the 2020 Black Lives Matter riots now has murals outside their rebuilt store boasting of Black Lives Matter rioting and arson.

According to a report from AlphaNews, the murals were said by Target to be “temporary,” but as of April 29, they remain outside the building.

In November, the company announced that they had rebuilt two damaged stores — one in Minneapolis and the other in Atlanta — that were destroyed during the “demonstrations for racial justice,” or, the Black Lives Matter rioting.

“After closing due to damage sustained during the demonstrations for racial justice in late spring, we rebuilt the stores from the ground up in just five months, making them two of the fastest rebuilds in Target history,” Target announced. “As our teams welcome guests back this week, we’re excited for our communities to not only have a safe, easy and convenient place to shop, but also a place where they feel joy and pride when they visit.”