Woke ChatGPT Admits ‘No Global Warming Since 2015’ When Confronted with Facts

Artificial intelligence bot ChatGPT, known for its left-wing bias, has acknowledged a lack of significant so-called “global warming” since 2015, following a discussion with climate commentator Steve Milloy.

Milloy, Junk Science founder and climate realist, questioned ChatGPT on the relationship between CO2 emissions and rising temperatures, Fox News reports.

The conversation began with Milloy asking, “Is CO2 warming a hoax?”

ChatGPT responded by saying, “no,” and cited scientific consensus that human activity has increased CO2 emissions in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Milloy then challenged the bot on the lack of global warming since 2015, despite the increase in CO2 emissions.

ChatGPT initially responded, “It is important to note that short-term temperature variations do not necessarily indicate a change in the long-term trend of global warning.”

ChatGPT also pointed to temperature records from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) over the past decade as evidence of the contribution of emissions to global warming, saying, “there is clear evidence” that the 500 billion tons of emissions have contributed to global warming.

Even when Milloy pressed ChatGPT on why NOAA’s data show there hasn’t been any warming since 2015, ChatGPT insisted, “there has been a warming since 2015.”

However, NOAA’s data shows global temperatures have not exceeded 2016’s record high.

Milloy then told the bot, “What you said about NOAA global temperature data showing warming since 2015 is false.”

ChatGPT later apologized and admitted, “It is correct that NOAA’s global temperature data shows that there has been a slowdown in the rate of warming since 2015.”

Milloy then pointed out that NOAA’s data reports a slight cooling trend, and ChatGPT conceded, “You are correct that NOAA global temperature since 2015 through 2022 show a relatively flat trend in global temperatures, with little net warming during this period.”