Woke Capitalism Strikes Again in Georgia

If the problem of “woke capitalism” wasn’t apparent before, the battle over Georgia’s new election-integrity law has drawn it out into the open.

The law, which adds voter-ID requirements to absentee voting, extends some early voting, and places some restrictions on activist activities at polling places, has been billed by Democrats and President Joe Biden as Jim Crow 2.0.

Regardless of the merits of the law or the offensive absurdity of comparing it to the actual rampant voter suppression under Jim Crow, it’s clear that opposition to the law is coming almost entirely from the left. 

This issue is being used to seek to persuade Americans to support HR 1, a bill before Congress that would effectively amount to the federal takeover of elections.

These are political matters to be decided by the people of Georgia and by members of Congress.

However, in response to the Georgia law, a long list of big corporations have stepped into the debate and condemned the law.

Perhaps most dramatically of all, Major League Baseball on Friday announced that it would move the 2021 All-Star Game out of Atlanta, costing the state over $100 million and likely many jobs tied to tourism.